New Image Beauty Bar Founder, Alicia Shapira, Performs Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage Live, For a Deserving Mother, On CBS The Doctors

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The Doctors

Alicia Shapira, founder of New Image Beauty Bar in Coral Springs, was live on CBS’s The Doctors, demonstrating Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage, a tattoo treatment that makes stretch marks disappear for 15+ years. Shapira performed the treatment live on a patient who flew in from New York City, Necole. Necole is a deserving mother of 2, who recently suffered from COVID-19 and went through a divorce, which caused her to gain weight and develop stretch marks that made her feel insecure. “I am so happy I was able to have Necole fly in for a free treatment. I love seeing my patients feeling confident in their bodies again. This treatment really is life changing for a lot of my patients,” said Alicia Shapira.

Alicia Shapira was interviewed by Dr. Ordon and Dr. Nita, where both Doctors were amazed at this incredible stretch mark treatment. Alicia was first seen by The Doctors for her numerous viral TikTok videos showing the treatment and treatment results. “It really validates my business to see such notable doctors really love Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage as much as I do,” said Alicia Shapira.

Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage is an innovative procedure that uses flesh colored inks to disguise light colored stretch marks and scars. These Brazilian inks are color matched to the individual’s skin and placed strategically into the stretch marks, similar to that of a tattoo. This procedure is considered permanent, just like a tattoo.

Alicia Shapira

About Alicia Shapira

Alicia Shapira is one of only two artists in the world who was hand trained by the inventor of Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage, Rodolfo Torres. She is the first to bring this technique to the United States and the only artist, in the United States, allowed to teach this treatment. Alicia Shapira is the founder of New Image Beauty Bar, in Coral Springs Florida, and offers many different treatments such as Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage, Scar Lightening, BB Glow, Lip Shading and more.

Alicia Shapira is available for interview upon request. For any interview needs please email for more.


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You can watch Alicia Shapira’s segment at Could Tattoos Be the Answer to Your Stretch Marks? | The Doctors TV Show



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